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Our History

The main house and all the various outbuildings were constructed in 1880. Originally, it was a working apple farm of 255 acres. Today, there are 9 acres with only 1 remaining apple tree, and it still produces apples! (They fall off and roll into the mare's pasture providing a great treat for them.)

All the various farm buildings are still in existence; however, several sill beams were replaced right away when we bought the farm. There is a 4-story, post and beam barn, complete with a 6-sided cupola where our 3 equines reside.

Our farm has a hay barn that we still use to store hay for our beautiful horses. Additionally, we have an adorable antique cottage with hand-hewn beams that was originally built to house the farmhands. It has great views of Georgie in his pasture.

There is a spring-fed pond on the property that is fed from Goodman's Hill by a stream that meanders through the property. Wildlife regularly stops in to this "bed and breakfast."

A great blue heron extended her stay in 1998. She settled in and gave birth to a baby blue heron! They visited after that but have not stayed.

Tanah (Fadneys Binttanah), our beautiful foundation broodmare, came to the farm even before us. She was born in California, put on a plane in 1976, and flown here as a filly less than a year old. Tanah has had 11 foals, 2 of which are still on the farm, Georgie and Moonfield. She lived to an incredible age, 36 years and 2 months. Tanah is buried in her pasture, under the century-old pine trees, next to her best friends.

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